Simo Huhta gathers new energy for Aholansaari

Simo Huhta, who turns 80, is bringing new energy to Aholansaari: his birthday memorial will be used to buy solar panels for the island.

You can send your congratulations to Aholansaari account FI62 5288 0420 0086 76 or via MobilePay to 61309. Write "Simo 80 v" in the message.

A warm thank you to our birthday hero for remembering Saari!

Simo Huhta also invites you to his birthday celebrations over the hymns of Zion on Sunday 18.8. at 16:00 (coffee from 15:00) at Näs parish hall in Tampere. The speakers are Jaana Rantala, Matti Huhta, Ilkka Mattila and Eero Huovinen.

Fundraising permit: continental Finland RA/2020/1706
valid until further notice from 1.1.2021,
issued 31.12.2020, Police Board