Telltis Diary 2022

ūüé∂When the ship Hope starts to approach the shore of Saaremaa

so our mouths are already shouting for joy ūüé∂

And so the boat brought a large crowd of happy campers to the island. Once the tents had been pitched and stomachs filled, it was time for the first info. Together we went over the rules and other important procedures to make the camp as successful as possible. The campers were divided into small groups and had to find new friends by chanting different syllables. Eventually, everyone found their own group and their hosts. Today, the island is home to Group Hau, MauMau, Zorrot, Snack Bread, NuutNuut, Onion, Super Pandas, Happy Chickens and Hairy Worms.

The groups moved back to the tents, where a tasty evening meal and super fun bingo squares awaited. I wonder which of the leaders has been collecting tea bags for 5 years and how to build a pine cone farm? The first bingo shouts were heard during the evening.

The day culminated in a glorious evening programme prepared by the hosts, after which only the evening laundry and bedtime stories remained.