Telttis diary 2019

Monday 24.6.2019

Photographer Alva Grünthal

On Monday, a staggering 80 campers arrived at Aholansaari, greeted by enthusiastic leaders, assistant leaders, grandparents and camp parents, even one camp grandparent. Tenting 2019 was launched in one of the main buildings immediately after the tents had been pitched in the summer fields. Each camper got to be part of their own isos group, which includes about ten campmates of different ages, as well as some awesome isos of their own. As their very first task, the groups came up with fun names for themselves, such as Iron Tractor Lions or Mumbelos. After going through the common rules, the much anticipated evening programme of sketches and songs began. During the evening programme, the campers were challenged to form a large animal statue together with other campers starting with the same letter. On stage, they saw an alligator, a spider and a giraffe, among others. During free time, for example, they tried out new wooden legs and dug out a ball from a box to play a traditional game of dodgeball together. In the evening, we went to bed under the beautiful evening sun, while the big boys sang the familiar evening song "Mua siipeis hiding in a shelter".

Tuesday 25.6.2019

Photographer Alva Grünthal

On Tuesday we woke up in Marku's and headed in large groups to the main building for a refreshing for a refreshing breakfast. After sandwiches and porridge platters, the day started in earnest with a morning sermon on the flood by Alma the vet. in the camp church. In the morning sermon we were able to get to grips with the climate of the camp "Defenders of the Earth" theme, which was also reflected in the following each camper had the chance to design their own sustainable cloth bag, which can also be used after the camp. While waiting for their turn, the other campers played, played and explored the island in their large groups.

Lunch and the expected kiosk moment we headed back to the campsite. The weather suddenly turned rainy, but that didn't matter, as the Customs camp, which was in the middle of the day. rainwear was only useful: small and large raincoats found in the forest and larger items were tried to get past the attentive customs officials in Keyrityn. from the Keppelmann region to the Söörmarku area. The smugglers were so clever that only two items were caught among dozens of objects through customs without the officials noticing. (Later in the evening programme the camp parents tried to smuggle the items past the campers, but they were all caught!)

We had dinner, then went to Paavo's cottage to listen to the concert. At the concert we not only got to listen, but also to sing together songs from the Red Songbook. In the early evening we had time for leisure and saunas. The heavy rain surprised us once again, inspiring many to dance the rain dance, and the rainbow that appeared in the sky after the rain delighted the campers and reminded them of the story of the morning prayer. After a fun evening programme, the campers moved on to their tents, equipped with warm blankets, and so another day of camping was on the line!

Wednesday 26.6.

Photographer Alva Grünthal

Morning dawned in the tent area bright and sunny. Jemina's morning sermon was about nature and the cycle of nature. After the devotion, we went to the football field where a few hours of catch ball, police, banditry and other games and activities. and other games and play. The result of the traditional big-brothers-little-brothers football match was The result was clear: the campers won 7-1. potato gnocchi lunch was enjoyed by all (it's like mashed potatoes!).

Sunny weather awaited at the campsite, as the campers and their hosts moved to the large grid track for the big race. The track covered the camp's environmental theme from many different angles: for example, the group could reflect together on how much how much different means of transport consume the environment, how you can fold compost into the how to compost a waste bag or how, for example, a bag of candy or a hairspray canister can be used. how to recycle. There was also an exciting checkpoint where you could leave your literally leave your mark on your own environment, when you went to Mummola beach, or the sauna beach, new, durable tiles were poured.

In the evening, we gathered in Pavo's parsonage to silence and sing the hymns of Zion. From the inn we went to the saunas, and after a hot day it was also lovely to go swimming in Syväri. After everyone had washed up, we all headed back to the home where the evening program for the last night was held. Pancakes put the campers in a good mood, and the hosts' inventive sketches once again made the campers laugh. Finally, the Telttis song was sung with a new eighth verse. In a mosquito-filled evening, the evening's activities were completed and the campers settled down to sleep accompanied by bedtime stories.

Thursday 27.6.19

Photographer Alva Grünthal

Waking up on the last day was slow, as the wake-up song could not be heard over the rain. in the tents. Eventually, however, everyone made it to breakfast, after which the planning for the closing service. Each group was given a small area of responsibility to prepare. Among other things, there was the reading of texts, the intercession of the planning the prayer, collecting the collection and decorating the church.

As the morning progressed, the heavy rain eased and the sun began to peek through the clouds. With all the preparations done, it was time to pack up and spend the last of the free time, which included face painting. At lunch, many of the children found their parents, with whom they headed to the camp church together. At the end of the service, the campers sang the latest verse of the Tents song to their parents, and so this year's camp had come to an end.

See you at the Awakener Party and again next year!

Tent photos more here Photographer Alva Grünthal