Telttis diary 2018

Photo by Alva Grünthal


Tue 26.6.2018

On Tuesday, the camp team, hosts, camp parents (including grandparents) and over 70 wonderful campers kicked off the 2018 Tent Camp Tentis. Together we got the tent sea set up in the field, the goods delivered and the campers themselves piled into the main building. There, the joint camp started with introductions, safety rules and other introductions - and of course, in an atmosphere of anticipation, we split into our own big groups for some camp activities. Each camper was assigned two or three of his or her own bigs in their group, plus about ten campmates. After the meal, we moved on to the camp area, where we continued to go over the common rules of the game so that everyone would be comfortable at Teltis. Dinner was eaten at the camp, and then it was time for one of the best things of the day: the evening programme for the big boys, with games, songs and hilarious sketches. After the laundry and bedtime stories, it was time for the evening hymn and evening entertainment, and the first exciting day was thus wrapped up.

photo: Alva Grünthal

Wed 27.6.2018

After waking up, the campers, led by their hosts, went to breakfast, after which they could participate in the confessional flag-raising. In the camp church, Alma, the camp leader, gave a morning sermon on topics such as the creation story and the protection of the climate, which the campers listened to with a sensitive ear. On their return to the camp, the groups were given the opportunity to use their handicraft skills one by one: under the guidance of camp father Marku, everyone was able to make a fine magic wand for themselves. They could spend their free time, for example, playing different games or playing with their hosts. After lunch, the exciting and exciting Customs game began: as in the previous year, the task was to smuggle objects of all kinds across the border between the kingdoms of Söörmarcu and Keyrity. The groups disguised themselves and the objects they were carrying so carefully that even objects the size of baseball bats slipped through the customs officers' inspection.

With juice and a bun, we headed to the atmospheric Paavo's Inn. Camp father Markku and camp pappa Antti told us about the tradition of Paavo the Swede, and in between, of course, we sang Hymns of Zion. From the smell of the inn we went back to the main building to eat dinner soups. With the sunny weather, we slowly made our way back to the campsite for the evening, where we enjoyed a lovely sauna. Of course, those who were keen also had the opportunity to take a dip in the Syväri at the same time. After dinner, it was time for another fantastic evening programme, including the Cinderella sketch that the campers loved. After that, it's back to bedtime stories and evening entertainment for the big boys. It's been a warm and wonderful day, good night!

To 28.6.2018

Photo by Alva Grünthal

On Thursday, the camp woke up bright and early for the third day of camp, despite the cool night. Led by the hosts, we set off for breakfast, and after the flag-raising of the Ahis couples, we continued our journey to the camp church. In a sermon given by Jemina, the campers were able to hear the story of Anneli doll in the wilderness. From the church, we moved to the football pitch, where the traditional campers vs. big boys football match kicked off. The match started out seemingly evenly matched until the campers squeaked out a clear victory with a score of 6-2. There were also plenty of other activities on offer, from dodgeball to mummy and jaffa games, and luckily the kids remembered to drink water while they played and played. After a brisk morning, everyone enjoyed the food.

After lunch, it was time for a survival-themed obstacle course, where campers in large groups could learn all about survival in nature and wilderness skills. The programme included identifying the direction of the air, building a stretcher, crossing a "rapids" or "gully" and building a night shelter. Magic wands were also put to the test as fire tools in a firepit. With the tick-track wrapped up and the day's monks in their tummies, it was time for some fun, partly guided free time. In addition to the traditional games, it was possible to go archery, continue walking on the jungle gym or visit an exotic tent sauna and go swimming. Time passed quickly, so it was soon time for another meal in the main building. After a tasty dinner, there are saunas, dinner and an evening programme. And fingers crossed that the lovely weather will continue this evening before the rains start. Today, everyone is sure to have learned something new or tried something new, and after a long, fun-filled day, everyone is sure to enjoy a good night's sleep!

Fri 29.6.2018

On Thursday evening the rain was fortunately avoided, and the last evening programme with pancakes was a real success. Then the rain started during the night, so we had to do the packing for Friday morning under a natural shower (hopefully the tents and sleeping bags were able to dry properly when we got home). The traditional auction of found objects was held at the campsite, after which we moved on to the camp church with a group of parents who had grown up in the convoy. The final day's camp service was conducted by Simo Korkalainen from the Ahis tribe. Finally, the seven-verse Telttis song was sung together and a big hugging circle was held, and that was the end of the amazing Telttis 2018. Thanks to all the campers and the rest of the camp team, maybe we'll see you again next year!

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