Telltis diary 2017

Photo by Alva Grünthal

Tuesday 27.6.2017

Telttis 2017 got off to a smooth and positive start. The weather favoured the tent pitchers, and it didn't rain much on the night, although there was some risk. After arriving on the island and getting settled in, the camp group of almost 100 gathered in the main hall to introduce themselves, review the safety instructions and start the camp together. After dinner, the group moved to the campsite, where the camp rules were collectively written down on paper and divided into small groups, in which some work would be done during the camp. Now it's time for supper, soon the evening programme and after that it's time for washing, peeing, kissing and hitting the tents. At all appropriate intervals, names have been learned and various games of introduction have been played. The tent camp has therefore got off to a good start and the atmosphere is very nice and promising. Now to watch the evening programme organised by the hosts!

Wednesday 28.6.2017

Wednesday's grid of butterflies. Photo by Alva Grünthal

On the first morning of the camp, the sleeping tent village woke up to the sound of the rain and the megaphone of camp father Marku. The night had been cold, but the morning started off briskly with morning activities and breakfast. Already in the morning sermon we got to know the blacksmith Högman, who was also involved in the programme for the rest of the day and the core problem of the treadmill. From the devotional, we moved on to Juhanantuva, where each group could prepare for the discovery expeditions later in the day by making their own adventure bags and coming up with a name and a shout for the group.

After lunch, the highlight of the day began: the discovery hikers' treadmill. Alone or in groups, the groups circled around the campsite, encountering various problems, tasks and information sessions. There was archery, butterflies, scientists and blacksmith's forge, there was log-jumping and much more. The phrase "only one of you is missing and with it all of you" certainly stuck in everyone's minds as the words from the checkpoints became this phrase from the blacksmith Högman. On the other side of the word cards, keys were formed; first small ones to open the mysterious explorer's chest, and finally a large combination key to open the chest and give everyone the prize of a hat!

In the afternoon we visited Paavo's barn twice: first there was a vespers and after dinner an entertaining concert by Jouko Mäki-Lohiluoma, which was enjoyed by listeners of all ages. In the evening, the highlight of the day for many came when, despite the cold weather, we went swimming and from there to the sauna. Now, after dinner, it's back to the evening programme, which I'm sure will be just as much fun as the night before. It's been a long day, so I'm sure everyone will be tired by the time the evening winds down.

Thursday 29.6.2017

The customs game. Photo by Alva Grünthal

This morning also started with Marku's megaphone surprise in the form of reels and weather forecasts. After the morning routine we moved to the main building for breakfast and from there to the camp church for morning worship. Then came a programme that many enjoyed: outdoor games, dodgeballs, games and the traditional football match between the campers and the big boys, which the campers won this year by a landslide 4-0.

The outdoor activities continued at full speed even after lunch, as the summer weather finally started to favour the tents. There was forging, acrobatics, various games, archery and just being. Lots of sunshine. After the day's refreshments, the Customs game began, which the camp fathers had honed and organised to perfection. The customs border between Söörmarqu and Keyrityn Beach had to be crossed to smuggle all sorts of goods, from garden hoses to badminton rackets. The campers were so good at what they did that the customs officials were left with their fingers in their mouths.

After dinner, songs and the end of the Customs game, it was back to saunas, swimming and supper. Next up, once again, the evening programme and evening activities. Tomorrow will be the last day - time has passed quickly.

Friday 30.6.2017

Photo by Alva Grünthal

The last morning of the tent started as usual. After breakfast, we all returned to the campsite to pack our things, pile up our sleeping bags and other bundles and unpack the tents. The Big Brothers and the camp parents were invaluable in this, as in everything else throughout the camp. In the traditional auction, almost all the forgotten towels, socks and coats found their owners. After an efficient packing and cleaning up of the area, the whole group moved to the camp church for a service led by Pastor Urpo Karjalainen. The hymns were sung from the new edition of the Hymns of Zion and finally the parents present were serenaded with a new verse of the Teltis song. That was the end of the 2017 tent camp and after a self-service lunch, the campers gradually left the island of Aholansaari on board the Toivo boat. The camp was a great success; hopefully everyone had a good time at the camp. Thank you, see you next summer!


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Photos by Alva Grünthal and Eino Rissanen