A volunteer?

Would you like to come to Saare to volunteer?

Many friends of the island are involved, and you are warmly welcome to join in.

If you feel that you have something to contribute to Aholansaari, please feel free to contact us. We always have room for hard-working volunteers, both experienced and new. Below you will find information on the policies and principles of volunteering.

To register for the event, please contact
on 010 3370 660 or
by email aholansaari@aholansaari.fi

About volunteering

Throughout the ages, Aholansaari has been perceived as a place of such value that it has been cared for. Volunteers give their own contribution to Aholansaari. In return, they receive accommodation and food. Aholansaari offers a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Everyone works according to their talents and abilities, and there is plenty of work for all hands. All ages are welcome, from confessional students to older people.

For more information on youth volunteering, or proleiling, click here.


On the island, volunteer work is done in property maintenance, cleaning, laundry, kitchen and office. The work is done on a voluntary basis without financial compensation. However, you will receive accommodation and meals on the days you work. The volunteer will be given the necessary guidance to get the job done. All Aholansaari staff support the volunteers and work alongside them.


Volunteers will be accommodated in available rooms. Please note that in high season, volunteers may have to share a room with others. Accommodation is with your own linen. If you need linen, you can get it for €5 per volunteer. Volunteers are expected to clean their room when they leave.

Working time

The work usually starts after breakfast and ends with dinner. By agreement, the work may include, for example, heating the sauna in the evening.


The maintenance of a volunteer includes meals from breakfast to dinner. If there are no other groups dining on the Island, volunteers can have their food needs met in the accommodation if necessary. Please inform the office in advance of any special dietary requirements, tel. 010 3370 660

Free time

In your free time, you are welcome to participate in all of Saaremaa's programmes. During the summer, you can take part in the Ahris Rib Camps in the evenings at Paavo's Inn. Other programmes are posted on the notice board in the main building's entrance hall.


You have the possibility to take a sauna in the common sauna on the beach or in the sauna in the accommodation. Ask at reception for sauna bookings. You can also heat the sauna yourself if there are no reservations.


The island's volunteers are insured against accidents. But as the sums insured are quite small, it is recommended that volunteers also take out their own accident insurance.


Departure and possible transport to Nilsi must be arranged with the office at the latest the day before. We will only transport volunteers to Nilsi, from there everyone will arrange their own onward connections.