Confirmation schools

For more than fifty years, Confirmation schools have been a central part of youth work in Aholansaari.

Confessional schools are held on Aholansaari during the school holidays, both in winter and summer. During the summer season, the traditional Ahis Rite Schools are a central part of the youth work of the Awakening. Teaching and other practical arrangements for the camp are the responsibility of the Herättäjä-Yhdistys ry.

photo by Mika Nuorva

Several parishes hold their confessional schools on the island throughout the year. Winter skiing schools are very popular and Aholansaari's location is ideal for this. Aholansaari arranges transport for campers to and from the slopes according to a pre-arranged schedule. There are plenty of fun things to do on the island during the summer season too. The Aholansaari confession camp offers the young people island conditions that are pleasant and even exotic. The young people say that they are prisoners of the island . This is a good description of the experience and the bond that many people develop with Aholansaari during the confessional school. Others remain prisoners of Saari for the rest of their lives, returning year after year to Aholansaari.

So Aholansaari offers an excellent setting for a camp. After all, Saari's facilities are just right for a confession camp. There are free weeks for both winter and summer.

If your parish is looking for suitable premises for a confessional school, please contact our sales service on 010 3370 661 or and ask for an offer!

Registration for Ahis camps by the Stirrer Association, read more on the Youth Yty website.