You can read about Kleofas Hyvämäki's life here.

The renovation of the Hyvämäki summer chapel was completed in 2019.

The parsonage has had its roof replaced, the back terrace restored, rotten logs in the walls replaced, the walls painted with red paint, the windows renovated and the decorative window frames rebuilt.

Inside, all floors, ceilings and wall surfaces have been inspected and deteriorated parts have been replaced.

On the ground floor of Hyvämäki is Edith's Hall with its beautiful parsonage furniture, a library room for the island's book collection, three guest rooms and a cafeteria-kitchen space for small-scale self-catering. The resort's restaurant facilities are located in the main building. Upstairs there are two group rooms and a large lounge.

A large part of the renovation has been carried out by volunteers. The Hyvämäki project was designed by architect Katja Lintunen. Rakennuspalvelu Soininen from Nilsiä has been responsible for the installation of the renovation, which is subject to permits.

The restoration of this valuable site has been made possible thanks to the financial support of the Olvi Foundation and the ELY Centre.

You can read more about the Hyvämäki project here