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Come on a trip to Aholansaari!

Aholansaari is a great place for a day trip or a longer stay, cosily accommodated in a historic setting. The island can be reached by boat from Sääskiniemi pier in summer, and in winter from Karsikkoniemi via Aholansaari on the ice road to Keyritty.

photo by Mika Nuorva

Getting around the island
The roads on Aholansaari are sandy roads or paths. The terrain varies in altitude. Assistance is provided for people with reduced mobility if necessary. We offer transport from the beach. Advance bookings from the pehtoor on 010 3370 664

Lunch restaurant Hunajan Pisara
Hunajan Pisara is located in the main building of Aholansaari. All dishes are lactose-free, other special diets can be prepared on request. The restaurant is open every day during the winter ski season and the summer season.
Outside the ski season, the restaurant is usually only open for events at Aholansaari.

Café and hotel reception Saaren veräjä
Saaren veräjä is located in the main building and is open during the opening hours of Aholansaari. The café sells coffee, tea, coffee bread, refreshments, ice cream, sweets and souvenirs from Saaremaa. At the reception, we guide visitors to Aholansaari and both a guide map of the island and a map of the Tahko area are available.

Toilet facilities
Toilet facilities can be found both in the main building of the island, where there is also a toilet for disabled people, and in the saniteria centre near the camp church.

Attractions - check them out
You can wander freely around the island's yard and explore, for example, the Paavo Ruotsalainen Smoke Pottery Museum, the camp church, the Hyvämäki summer chapel and the small exhibitions in the main building. The 2 km long nature trail 'Paavo's Trail' starts near the main building.

The history of Aholansaari
The Story of Aholansaari is a fun tour that takes you back in time to Paavo's time. The audio guide has been implemented. You will receive earphones at the reception desk, which you can use to listen to the story of Saaremaa at your own pace in seven different locations.
The tour costs €5 per person and lasts 30-45 minutes.

Children's playground
Next to the main building, close to the terrace, there is a children's play house 'Little Bird' and a sandpit.

Swimming facilities
There are two beaches on Aholansaari. The first is near the Sepänpaja Apartment Hotel and the second is on the opposite shore of the island in Mummolanlahti. Swimming is also possible from the pier of the beach sauna. Guidance to the bathing areas from reception.

photo by Mika Nuorva

The hut
Aholansaari hut is available to guests of the island for a fee (5 €/2h), the hut can also be rented for private use, ask for price and booking status at Aholansaari reception. During the winter, we serve sausages, coffee and pancakes. You can light a fire in the fireplace in the house.

Open fires in all outdoor areas are strictly forbidden!

photo by Mika Nuorva

Other fun stuff

There's plenty to do on Aholansaari! You can rent a boat or a canoe, play volleyball, use the yard games, go geocaching or take a sauna.